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(Reverted good faith edits by (talk): अंग्रेज़ी।. (TW))
== प्रमुख घटनाएँ ==
1872 – In New York City the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens.
1873 – The University of California opens its first medical school in San Francisco.2006 – In South Korea the United Liberal Democrats, the three top political parties was merged into Grand National Party.
2009 – Two Tamil Tigers aircraft packed with C4 explosives en route to the national airforce headquarters are shot down by the Sri Lankan military before reaching their target, in a kamikaze style attack.
2010 – In Madeira Island, Portugal, heavy rain causes floods and mudslides, resulting in at least 43 deaths, in the worst disaster in the history of the archipelago.
2013 – The smallest extrasolar planet, Kepler-37b is discovered.
== जन्म ==
1945 – Annu Kapoor, Indian actor1988 – Jiah Khan, American-Indian actress and singer (d. 2013)
1983 – Justin Verlander, American baseball player
== निधन ==
2003 – Mushaf Ali Mir, Pakistani air marshal (b. 1947)
2014 – Reghu Kumar, Indian composer (b. 1953)
2013 – Yussef Suleiman, Syrian footballer (b. 1986)
2012 – S. N. Lakshmi, Indian actress (b. 1927)
== बाहरी कडियाँ ==
* [http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/february/20 बीबीसी पे यह दिन]