मुक्त स्रोत सॉफ्टवेयर पैकेजों की सूची

व्यावहारिक क्षेत्रसंपादित करें

CAxसंपादित करें

एलेक्ट्रॉनिक डिजाइन और ऑटोमेशन (EDA)संपादित करें

वित्तसंपादित करें

एकीकृत लाइब्रेरी तंत्र (Integrated Library System)संपादित करें

गणितसंपादित करें

मॉडलिंग एवं सिमुलेशन (Modeling and Simulation)संपादित करें

  • PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick); a queue-theoretic analytic modeling package in C, Java, Python, Perl. and PHP
  • SimPy; queue-theoretic event-based simulator written in Python

विज्ञानसंपादित करें

भौगोलिक सूचना तन्त्रसंपादित करें

Plottingसंपादित करें

Scanning probe microscopyसंपादित करें

  • Gwyddion — Scientific data analysis
  • Gxsm — Gnome X Scanning Microscopy - dsp supported scanning probe acquisition

सूक्ष्मदर्शी छवि संसाधनसंपादित करें

अणु दर्शकसंपादित करें

जैव सूचना विज्ञानसंपादित करें

Cheminformaticsसंपादित करें

सांख्यिकीसंपादित करें

Assistive technologyसंपादित करें

Speech (Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition)संपादित करें

Other Assistive Technologyसंपादित करें

  • Dasher — Unique text input software
  • Gnopernicus — AT suite for GNOME 2
  • PowerTalk — Automatic Text narration of presentations
  • pVoice — Application for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Virtual Magnifying Glass - a free, open source, multiplatform, screen magnification tool.

डेटा भण्डारण एवं प्रबन्धनसंपादित करें

Backup softwareसंपादित करें

इन्हें भी देखें: List of backup software

File archiversसंपादित करें

फ़ाइल तन्त्रसंपादित करें

Database management systems (including administration)संपादित करें

Data miningसंपादित करें

  • Weka -- data mining software written in Java featuring machine learning operators for classification, regression, and clustering.
  • RapidMiner -- data mining software written in Java, fully integrating Weka, featuring 350+ operators for preprocessing, machine learning, visualization, etc.
  • Scriptella ETL -- ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool. Supports integration with J2EE and Spring. Provides connectors to CSV, LDAP, XML, JDBC/ODBC and other data sources.
  • Java Machine Learning Library -- machine learning library aimed at software developers.

उद्यमीय खोज इंजनसंपादित करें

डॉक्युमेन्ट सम्पादन (Document editing)संपादित करें

Office suiteसंपादित करें

शब्द संसाधनसंपादित करें

Notetakingसंपादित करें

PDFसंपादित करें

LaTeXसंपादित करें

Spreadsheetसंपादित करें

Text editorसंपादित करें

HTML editorसंपादित करें

शैक्षिकसंपादित करें

Educational Suitesसंपादित करें

Learning supportसंपादित करें

भाषासंपादित करें

टंकणसंपादित करें

भूगोलसंपादित करें

अन्य शैक्षिक प्रोग्रामसंपादित करें

फ़ाइल प्रबन्धकसंपादित करें

Theologyसंपादित करें

Bible Study Toolsसंपादित करें

कम्प्यूटर खेलसंपादित करें

Genealogyसंपादित करें

Graphical user interfaceसंपादित करें

Windowing systemसंपादित करें

Desktop environmentsसंपादित करें

Window managersसंपादित करें

Groupwareसंपादित करें

Content management systemsसंपादित करें

Wiki softwareसंपादित करें

Workflowसंपादित करें

स्वास्थ्यरक्षा सॉफ़्टवेयरसंपादित करें

माध्यम या मेडिया (Media)संपादित करें

Multimedia codecs / containers / splittersसंपादित करें

श्रव्य सम्पादक/प्रबन्धक (Audio editors / audio management)संपादित करें

See Free audio software

ग्राफिक्स (Graphics)संपादित करें

छबि दीर्घा (Image galleries)संपादित करें

छवि प्रदर्शक (Image viewers)संपादित करें

Media playersसंपादित करें

रेडियो (Radio)संपादित करें

दूरदर्शन (Television)संपादित करें

एनिमेशन (Animation)संपादित करें

Flash animationसंपादित करें

अरेखीय सम्पादक (विडियो सम्पादन आदि) (Non-linear editing system)संपादित करें

CD-writing softwareसंपादित करें

अन्य मेडिया पैकेजसंपादित करें

नेटवर्किंग एवं अन्तरजाल (Networking and Internet)संपादित करें

विपत्र (E-mail)संपादित करें

Instant messagingसंपादित करें

IM Robot Serverसंपादित करें

  • RoYa is an instant messaging robot server.

Instant messaging serversसंपादित करें

IRC Clientsसंपादित करें

RSS/Atom readers/aggregatorsसंपादित करें

Communication-relatedसंपादित करें

File transferसंपादित करें

P2P file sharingसंपादित करें

इन्हें भी देखें: [[::Category:Free BitTorrent clients|:Category:Free BitTorrent clients]]

Remote access And Managementसंपादित करें

Routing softwareसंपादित करें

वेब ब्राउजर (Web browsers)संपादित करें

Webcamसंपादित करें

Webgrabberसंपादित करें

Web-relatedसंपादित करें

Portal Serverसंपादित करें

Middlewareसंपादित करें

नेटवर्किंग के अन्य प्रोग्रामसंपादित करें

संचालन तंत्र (Operating systems)संपादित करें

Be advised that available distributions of these systems can contain, or offer to build and install, added software that is neither free software nor open source.

Password managementसंपादित करें

Personal information managersसंपादित करें

प्रोग्रामिंग भाषा के सपोर्ट (आलम्ब) (Programming language support)संपादित करें

  • ArgoUML — ArgoUML is a modelling tool that helps you design using UML diagrams
  • CLISP — a Common Lisp interpreter and bytecode-compiler
  • DJGPP — a 32-bit DOS port of GCC and other GNU utilities
  • Eiffel
  • Erlang
  • Experix — command line and stack system for data acquisition and analysis and graphics
  • Forth
  • Free Pascal A Pascal compiler and cornerstone of the Lazarus RAD
  • GCC — a set of compilers for multiple programming languages and platforms, including
  • GT.M is an open source MUMPS (a.k.a. M) compiler for Linux
  • Harbour — compiler for the xBase superset language often referred to as Clipper
  • Jikes — Java compiler
  • LLVM — Optimizing compiler toolkit
  • Logo — Derivative of Lisp without parenthesis, for kids, with Turtle Graphics
  • Lua - a lightweight, reflective, imperative and procedural language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal.
  • MinGW — Windows port of +GCC
  • Mono development platform — Multi-platform .NET implementation (C#) based on the ECMA/ISO standards
  • MMIXware — simulator for MMIXAL language and MMIX processor
  • Objective CAML — a practical and fast functional OO language
  • OpenJDKSun's Java Development Kit based completely on free and open source code
  • Parser — a language for dynamic website creation
  • Perl — a programming language strong on text processing
  • PHP — a scripting language designed for web site applications
  • Prolog — Logic programming
  • Python — A high-level scripting language
  • Refal
  • Rexx
  • Ruby — A high-level scripting language
  • Ruby on Rails — Ruby-based web development framework
  • StarUML — a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of commercial UML tools such as Rational Rose
  • Tcl/Tk — A high-level scripting language with a graphical toolkit

Bug Trackersसंपादित करें

Code generatorsसंपादित करें

Configuration Softwareसंपादित करें

Integrated development environmentsसंपादित करें

Version control systemsसंपादित करें

प्रकाशन (Publishing)संपादित करें

e-Booksसंपादित करें

Screen saversसंपादित करें

सुरक्षासंपादित करें

एन्टी-वायरससंपादित करें

एन्टी-स्पाइवेयरसंपादित करें

कूटलेखनसंपादित करें

डिस्क एन्क्रिप्शनसंपादित करें

फ़ायरवॉलसंपादित करें

नेटवर्क/सुरक्षा मॉनीटरिंगसंपादित करें

sshसंपादित करें

अन्य सुरक्षा प्रोग्रामसंपादित करें

अन्यसंपादित करें

  • Active Calendar — A PHP class that generates calendars as HTML tables
  • Astro123 — Generate and read your natal horoscope
  • AstroGrep — Grep with a GUI
  • BibleTimeStudy Bible software
  • BioEraNeurofeedback software
  • Bochs — PC emulator
  • Bots — EDI software (communication and translation)
  • Cygwin — open source Unix environment for Win32
  • Ebase — Open source constituent relationship management developed especially for non-profit organizations
  • Emdros — text database front end and back end
  • Gnaural — Brainwave entrainment software
  • GNUpod — iPod database manager
  • gtkpod — iPod software
  • iPod shuffle Database Builder
  • Jitterbit Integration Server — Commercial Open Source Data and Application Integration Platform
  • Kidzbrowser — Browser for children
  • Link Checker — checks HTML documents for broken links
  • MarZerUI — Application/File/Folder/Website manager for Windows XP computers
  • Memtest86 — stress-tests RAM on x86 machines
  • mywebcreator — A package for creating online diaries
  • Open Scene Graph
  • OrangeHRM — Commercial Open Source Human Resource Management
  • Project.net — Commercial Open Source Project Management
  • Paragent; Commercial Open Source Desktop Management Software
  • QEMU — CPU emulator featuring support for multiple architectures
  • refbase
  • Rockbox — Alternate firmware for many portable media players, such as iPods.
  • SugarCRM — Commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management
  • Sun Grid Engine — distributed batch job scheduling system
  • SuperKaramba Desktop widget integration in KDE
  • Treepie.sf.net — Folder size visualization
  • Vitrite — allows transparency in Windows 2000/XP programs
  • WINE — Windows executable support on Linux/BSD
  • WinMerge — highlights differences between textual files
  • ZScreen — Uploads screenshots via FTP and puts the URL in clipboard
  • XUI — Java and XML Rich Internet Application framework
  • Argentum — Open Source, Web Based time tracking and invoicing software written in PHP

CD compilations of open-source softwareसंपादित करें

वे सॉफ्टवेयर जो पहले स्वामित्वयुक्त थेसंपादित करें

List of formerly proprietary and closed-source software
शीर्षक मूल रीलीज पुनर्लाइसेन्स रिलीज आरम्भिक मुक्त लाइसेन्स टिप्पणी
अडोबी फ्लेक्स (Adobe Flex) 2004 2007 MPL Since renamed to Apache Flex and changed to Apache License 2.0
AdvFS 1990s 2008 GPL v2 HP opened up AdvFS from Tru64 UNIX.
AOLserver 1999 GPL / modified MPL [1]
Apache Derby 1996 2004 Apache License 2.0 Relational database management system originally called Cloudscape; released as free and open-source software by IBM in 2004 and donated to the Apache Software Foundation
अपाचे वेव (Apache Wave) 2009 2009 Apache License Formerly Google Wave.[2]
Astrolog 1991 2015 GPL v2+ / custom permissive Has always been freeware and open source, but had a custom attribution demanding permissive license.
एटम 2014 2014 MIT License [3]
BDS C Compiler 1979 2002 Public domain Released by author
Bitstream Vera (font) 2003 custom Through the efforts of Bitstream and the GNOME Foundation
Blender 1996 2003 GPL v2+
BlitzBASIC (Blitz3D, BlitzPlus, BlitzMax) 2001 2014 zlib license BlitzPlus was released as Open Source on 28 April 2014 under the zlib license on github.com.[4][5] Blitz3D follow on 3 August 2014.[6][7] BlitzMax was open sourced on 21 September 2015.[8]
Catacomb 1989 2014 GPL v2 [9]
Catacomb II 1991 2014 GPL v2 [9]
Catacomb Abyss 1992 2014 GPL v2 [9]
Catacomb Armageddon 1992 2014 GPL v2 [9]
Catacomb 3D 1991 2014 GPL v2 [9]
C*Base 1980s 2003 GPL v2+
CDE 1993 2012 LGPL v2+ [10][11]
ChakraCore 2009 2016 MIT On 13 January 2016 Microsoft released ChakraCore under the MIT license on GitHub.[12] ChakraCore is essentially the same as the Chakra engine that powers the Microsoft Edge browser, but with platform-agnostic bindings, i.e. without the specific interfaces utilised within the Windows Universal App platform.[13]
CMU Sphinx 2000 BSD [14][15]
CodeXL 2016 MIT License
Coherent 1980 2015 3-clause BSD License [16]
CP/M family 1974 1997,[17][18][19] 2001,[20][21][22][23] 2014[24] [17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24]
CuneiForm 1993 2008 BSD Optical character recognition software
Dink Smallwood 1998 2003 zlib-like Some game data (e.g. sounds) not released under a free license.[25]
Doom engine 1993 1999 GPL Code only. Originally released under a restrictive license in 1997
DOS.MASTER end 1980s 2000 public domain software DOS.MASTER is a program for Apple II computers which allows Apple DOS 3.3 programs to be placed on a hard drive or 3.5-inch floppy disk and run from ProDOS. Written by Glen Bredon as a commercial program during the late 1980s, it was released into the public domain by his family after the author's death.[26]
Duke Nukem 3D 1996 2003 GPL Game code only, no data, no engine.
Etherpad 2008 2009 Apache License 2.0 Open sourced after being purchased by Google
Falcon 2007 GPL [27]
FAR Manager 1996 2007 BSD Version 2.0 released as open source.
File Manager (Windows) 1990 April 2018 MIT On 6 April 2018, Microsoft released binaries and the source code, licensed under the MIT License, for an improved version of File Manager able to be run on Windows 10.[28][29] This version included changes such as the ability to compile in modern versions of Visual Studio, the ability to compile as a 64-bit application, and numerous usability improvements.[29]
Fish Fillets 1998 2002 GPL
Free Download Manager (FDM) 2003 2007 GPL Free since version 2.5[30]
FoundationDB 2013 2018 Apache License 2.0 Apple Inc. acquired the founding company in March 2015 and discontinued downloads of the software.[31] In April 2018, Apple open-sourced the database and resumed downloads.[32]
Ghostery 2010 2018 Mozilla Public License 2.0 Cliqz GmbH acquired Ghostery from Evidon, Inc. in February 2017.[33] Ghostery's software was open-sourced on 8 March 2018.[34]
GEM family 1985 1999[35] GPL[35] Development continued as OpenGEM and FreeGEM.[35]
Gentium (font) 2002 2005 OFL Through the efforts of SIL International
Gigablast 2000 2013 Apache License 2.0 [36]
Glitch 2011 2013 Public domain software (CC0) After Glitch was officially shut down on 9 December 2012,[37] the artwork and most of the source code was released under the public domain-like Creative Commons license CC0 on 18 November 2013.[38][39] On 9 December 2014, a fan project to relaunch Glitch under the name Eleven began alpha testing.[40]
GLX 1990s 2008 SGI FreeB License [41]
HoverRace 1996 2006 BSD
Hovertank 3D 1991 2014 GPL v2 [9]
ILWIS 1988 2007 GPL Released as free and open-source software by ITC
id Tech 2 1997 2001 GPL
id Tech 3 1999 2005 GPL
id Tech 4 2004 2011 GPL The released version is the source code to Doom 3; source code to newer id Tech 4 games has yet to be released. Changes to the code had to be made to avoid use of the patented Carmack's Reverse.
JaikuEngine 2006 2009 Apache License 2.0 [42]
Java 1995 2006–2007 GPL On 13 November 2006, Sun Microsystems released much of Java as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). On 8 May 2007 Sun finished the process, making all of Java's core code free and open-source, aside from a small portion of code to which Sun did not hold the copyright.[43]
Jumper 2.0 2007 2008 GPL Publicly announced on 29 September 2008,[44]
Korn shell 1982 2000 custom; now CPL
LightZone 2005 2012 3-clause BSD Company went out of business
Marathon 2: Durandal 1995 2000 GPL Only the code was released under the GPL. Now known as Aleph One
MiniPanzer and MegaPanzer GPL The source code of the programs was released as GPL in 2009 by their author, who retained the copyright.[45]
MINIX 1987 2000 BSD
Motif 1980s 2012 LGPL v2+ [46]
Movable Type 2001 2007 GPL Weblog software
MP/M family 1979 1997,[17][18] 2001[20][21][22][23] [17][18][20][21][22][23]
.NET Framework (most components) 2002 2014 MIT License, Apache license 2.0, BSD license Starting in 2014 Microsoft released most of their .NET ecosystem software (.NET Micro Framework, .NET Compiler Platform, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, NuGet etc.) under FOSS licenses and shifted the code to a GitHub repository.[47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58]
NetBeans 1997 2007 GPL, CDDL An integrated development environment (IDE) for Java and other programming languages
Netscape Enterprise Server 2009 BSD Sun Microsystems open sourced it.[59]
Netscape Navigator/Communicator 1994 1998 MPL See Mozilla[60][61]
OpenGL sample implementation 1992 2008 SGI FreeB License [41]
Open Sound System 1992 2007 GPL, CDDL
OpenWRT ? 2003 GPL As Linksys built the firmware for their WRT54G wireless router also from GPL'ed code,[62] they were required to make the source code available in July 2003.[63][64]
Performance Co-Pilot 1993 1999 GPL, LGPL
PowerShell 2006 August 2016 MIT License Open sourced by Microsoft in August 2016 on GitHub.[65]
Qt 1991 1999 QPL First released as open source under the QPL. Later released as GPL. Qt 4.5 and later are released under the LGPL. Until 2005 the Windows version was only under proprietary license.
Quake engine 1996 1999 GPL The map sources were also released under the GPL in 2006.
RSD Game-Maker 1991 2014 MIT license After some consultation with the user base, on 12 July 2014 original coder Andy Stone released the Game-Maker 3.0 source code on GitHub, under the MIT license.[66]
Rebol 1997 2012 Apache license 2.0 Following the discussion with Lawrence Rosen,[67] the Rebol version 3 interpreter was released under the Apache 2.0 license on 12 December 2012.[68]
Rise of the Triad 1994 2002 GPL Only the code was released under the GPL.
Ryzom 2004 2010 AGPL [69][70]
Second Life client 2003 2007 GPL v2
SimCity 1989 2007 GPL v3 Free version released as 'Micropolis' [71]
Solaris 1989 2005 CDDL Free version released as OpenSolaris
Source Code Control System 1972 2006 CDDL
StarOffice 1986 2000 LGPL/SISSL[72] Free version released as OpenOffice.org, later released only under the LGPL. (OpenOffice.org was discontinued in 2011, but forks—most prominently LibreOffice (licensed under the LGPL) and Apache OpenOffice (licensed under the Apache License)—have become its dominant successors.) StarOffice was still released separately under a proprietary license, using mostly the same code, until its discontinuing in 2011; Sun required all contributors to the main OpenOffice.org project assign joint copyright to Sun.
Star Ruler 2[73] 2015 2018[73] MIT / CC BY-NC Source code and assets re-released to the public (except for music, which is kept prorietary). The assets are under non-free CC BY-NC license.
Symbian platform 2010 EPL
Synfig 2001 2005 GPL Some more information is available on the Synfig history page.
Tesseract OCR 1985 2005 Apache License 2.0 Released as free and open-source software by HP and UNLV
TextSecure 2010 2011 GPLv3 Since renamed to Signal
Torque 3D 2001 2012 MIT License Developed for Tribes 2. Released as free and open-source software by Dynamix
TurboCASH 1985 2003 GPL
ViewMAX 1990 1999[35] GPL[35]
Visual Studio Code 2015 2015[74] MIT
Warzone 2100 1999 2004 GPL Video game by Eidos Interactive
Watcom C compiler 1988 2003 Sybase Open Watcom Public License Free version released as Open Watcom under a license which is considered non-free by the GNU project[75] but acceptable by the OSI.
Windows Calculator 1985 2019 MIT License Windows 1.0, released in November 1985, included the first iteration of Windows Calculator. In March 2019, Microsoft released the source code of Windows Calculator under the MIT License.[76]
Windows Console 2019 MIT License In 2019, the Windows Console infrastructure was open-sourced under the MIT License, alongside Windows Terminal.[77]
Windows Live Writer 2012 2015 MIT License An open source fork of Windows Live Writer was released as Open Live Writer by Microsoft on 9 December 2015.[78]
Wire 2014 2016 GPLv3
XMind 2007 2008 EPL and LGPL Mindmapping software based on the Eclipse RCP
ZFS 200? 2005 CDDL Released by Sun Microsystems under an open-source license in 2005.[79] Due to a FSF announced license incompatibility of the GPL with the CDDL ZFS wasn't directly integrated in linux, but in the BSDs or MacOS due to their permissive licensed kernel which offers better license compatibility. After the later owner Oracle didn't released after version 28, the community forked to OpenZFS.[80]

इन्हें भी देखेंसंपादित करें

सामान्य निर्देशिकाएँसंपादित करें

बाहहरी कड़ियाँसंपादित करें

सामान्यसंपादित करें

स्वामित्व वाले सॉफ्टवेयरों के तुल्य मुक्त सॉफ्टवेयरसंपादित करें

विन्डोज के लिये मुक्त स्रोतसंपादित करें

अन्यसंपादित करें

सन्दर्भसंपादित करें

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