"दोस्ती (1964 फ़िल्म)": अवतरणों में अंतर

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Thrown out of his home, crippled, and penniless he roams around the streets of Mumbai. Here he comes across Mohan, a boy who is blind and has a similar tale of woe. Mohan comes from a village, and he lost his sight at an early age. His sister, Meena, had migrated from the village to find work as a nurse so that she could pay for her brother’s treatment. Ramu is good at playing the harmonica, while Mohan is a good singer. They team up and sing songs on the roadside, earning money from passers-by. Ramu wants to finish his studiesThey move to a new house in a slum after someone tries to steal their hard earned money in their earlier shelter. Their new neighbour is Mausi, Sharmaji notices that the neighbour hood is not fit for study and suggests Ramu to move in with him, but Ramu does not leave Mohan. Mohan hears someone (Ashok, Manjula's brother) calling out to Meena and rushes to embrace her long lost sister. But Meena is ashamed that Mohan has become a beggar and refuses to recognise him. Sharmaji suddenly dies, leaving Ramu shattered. Ramu decides not to appear for the final exam as he is not able to pay the requisite fees in absence of Sharmaji. Hearing this, Mohan decides to raise the money once again by singing in streets in spite of his ill health. He successfully earns the money and deposit the fees without Ramu knowing. Ramu comes first in the exam and comes to know of Mohan's sacrifice. He rushes to Mohan in hospital where Mohan forgives him. The doctor tells Mohan about Meena and Mohan forgives her also. The movie ends with all of them in a loving embrace.
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