Nice to find you here

wow! nice to find you here!!!!!Deeptrivia 08:05, ३ जनवरी २००६ (UTC)

Yeah, I don't speak enough Hindi to contribute much of anything, but I'm committed to learning. - Taxman 16:42, ५ जनवरी २००६ (UTC)

Invitation and Recommendations for writing articles on Hindi Wikipedia

Hindi wikipedia invites and welcomes Wikipedians to contribute for the cause of spreading knowledge and the Hindi language. This page contains guidelines for writing a wiki-article on any topic at the Hindi Wikipedia, with special recommendations for writing in Hindi (Note: The script/font-family for Hindi is Devanāgari; the script/font-system for English is Roman script, also, the Hindi spelling system is not completely standardized). This article is yet in English language (mostly), in order to encourage even non-native/foreign people who have learnt/are learning Hindi to contribute to the Hindi wikipedia, and native Hindi speakers who normally write in English. The examples given below are only for explanation.


  1. Firstly for proper viewing, it is recommended to keep all links NOT-UNDERLINED. Otherwise the मात्रा below the Hindi alphabets might get partly hidden behind the underlines. For this, please go to My Preferences (मेरी पसंद) at the top of the page, then click Misc., and then choose "underline links -> Never". Save your settings. Also, do not click yes for "justify paragraphs", otherwise on some browsers, the devanagari script will appear highly distorted.
  2. All users are requested and encouraged to contribute articles here, especially, to create new articles on general topics. They are also encouraged to expand the existing articles, and improve upon them. A non-user can also do the same; it is recommended but not required to register yourself as a wikipedian user at the Hindi wikipedia. As far as possible, each article should be written with a Neutral Point of View (NPOV)—no nationalistic or partiality or hatred based articles are welcome. The articles should be based on facts—and appropriate references should be provided as and where needed. See the English wiki's help page for editing in general. Almost all the general wiki-features are available for editing on Hindi wiki too. Guidelines for the content matter is mostly the same as given in English wiki.
  3. Since the Hindi wiki is at its initial stages, users are welcome to take introduction and basic points from the English (or another) wikipedia's corresponding article and translate them for small articles. An in-page link to the English wiki's article will be deemed sufficient for references (a template might be created stating this). For longer articles, it is recommended to mention the references separately.
  4. Since most computer users in India and elsewhere have the standard Western-type keyboard, it is best recommended (but not necessarily required) to use the virtual (software) keyboard like the one of Hindimozhi or of ISIS (Tavultesoft Keyman)—which are freewares. These are advantageous because the contemporary Hindi-speakers in India often write messages/chat using Hindi words but written in Roman (English) script, and the layout of these keyboards is quite the same that such people use. For example, using the "normal" keyboard with this software, typing ga would give ग and ghaa would give घा.
  5. Create the article with its name written in Hindi (devanagari script). Always take care to include the nukta (dot below) for foreign / Urdu loanwords wherever it occurs in the standard spelling. For non-Indian names, use that spelling (for article name and other words) which is commonly encountered in Hindi newspapers, G.K.-books, Hindi-dubbed TV documentaries and Hollywood films and magazines. e.g., America-अमरीका (या अमेरिका), China-चीन, French-फ़्रांसिसी. For English acronyms/short-forms, use the initials in Roman script, and again create a full form in Hindi and redirect it to the short form. e.g. IPA (अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय ध्वनि वर्णाक्षर); UNO (संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ). Doing the opposite is also fine. But creating the article with the Hindi short form, as सं०रा०सं०, is not recommended. Also, the article proper must be written with the proper nukta, as फ़ारसी, and then, a non-nukta (mis-)spelt version फारसी should preferably be created to redirect to the correct spelling.
  6. Hindi wikipedia strongly recommends the users to write articles in everyday common Hindi in the खड़ीबोली dialect (Hindustani or Hindi-Urdu, i.e., बोलचाल वाली हिन्दी, which may include many loanwords from Persian and Arabic). The use of शुद्ध संस्कृतनिष्ठ हिन्दी is in general neither required nor recommended. E.g., use: वजह instead of कारण, ख़ास instead of विशेष, वगैरह instead of इत्यादि, लेकिन instead of परन्तु etc. However, for technical and specialized vocabulary, the use of शुद्ध संस्कृतनिष्ठ हिन्दी is recommended and usually mandatory. Thus: upper House of Parliament—संसद का उच्च सदन, but not Urdu—मजिलिस का ऐवान-ए-बाला ; Foreign Minister—विदेशमन्त्री, but not Urdu—वज़ीर-ए-ख़ारिजा ; knowledge/science—ज्ञान/विज्ञान, but not इल्म. Use spoken Hindi's ये and वो instead of यह and वह / वे. Do not use the title of respect जी after names, it is unencyclopedic. Thus: कृष्ण / श्री कृष्ण but not कृष्ण जी. Use the आप form and its corresponding 3rd person verbal conjugation for writing about respectable persons. Thus: श्री वाजपेयी मध्य प्रदेश में जन्मे थे. But not: वाजपेयी मध्य प्रदेश में जन्मा था. But do not use the pronoun "आप" itself in-text in biographies.
  7. English should be used sparingly, only when required; i.e., if the corresponding शुद्ध हिन्दी word is too "difficult and not generally encountered", or if it is a proper name of non-Indian person/place/terminology/title, or if the user is highly unsure of the proper translation. It is recommended (but not required) for English-to-Hindi translation while writing articles, the Shabdkosh online dictionary should be used. For each English word, that alternative should be used which is generally encountered in everyday spoken Hindi, and also fits well into the context. Use of intelligent guesses for newly encountered words is also allowed, and so are translations encountered in Hindi-dubbed TV documentaries, Hollywood films, Hindi-translated books, etc. e.g., दमपिशाच for en:Dementor (used in dubbed HP films).
  8. If used, it is recommended to use the English words within the articles using the English (Roman) alphabets rather than devanagari (or better, the devanagari transliteration should be used in the sentence, followed by the English word in Roman alphabet in parentheses). Such words should be italicized and not put in quotation marks. Preferably, there should be an in-page interwiki link (like :en:) on the word to the English wikipedia. If the word comes as an integral part of a sentence, so as not to break the continuity, the en: prefix should be hidden by writing the word again after the pipe sign (piped link). Thus, recommended: हैरी पॉटर ने ''[[:en:Pensieve|Pensieve]]'' के अन्दर ''[[:en:Little Hangleton|Little Hangleton]]'' गाँव में लॉर्ड वोल्डेमॉर्ट की माँ ''[[:en:Merope Gaunt|Merope Gaunt]]'' को देखा. ''[[:en:Resplendent Quetzal|Resplendent Quetzal]]'' पक्षी के ऊपर एक मेक्सिकन पादरी डा० ''[[:en:Pablo de la Llave|Pablo de la Llave]]'' ने काफ़ी शोध किया था. Whence,
    • हैरी पॉटर ने Pensieve के अन्दर Little Hangleton गाँव में लॉर्ड वोल्डेमॉर्ट की माँ Merope Gaunt को देखा
    • Resplendent Quetzal पक्षी के ऊपर एक मेक्सिकन पादरी डा० Pablo de la Llave ने काफ़ी शोध किया था
  9. Always start the first 1 or 2 lines of the article giving its definition (from any standard dictionary/other wiki) or suitable introduction. Thus, recommended: ललिता सहस्रनामन हिन्दू धर्मसुधारक आदि शंकराचार्य द्वारा रचित देवी दुर्गा को समर्पित एक पूजा-मन्त्र है, जिसे कई हिन्दू रोज़ श्रद्धा से जपते हैं । But not: ललिता सहस्रनामन मन्त्र जपने के लिये लड्डू-पेड़ा, ताम्बुल, सिन्दूर, लाल चुनरी के साथ नित्य इस मन्त्र का पाठ करें, तो जल्द ही गड़ा हुआ ख़जाना मिलेगा । Recommended: वैमानिक अभियान्त्रिकी (en:Aeronautical engineering) विमानों (en:Aircrafts) की अभिकल्पना, निर्माण और प्रचालन करने का विज्ञान, कला और कार्य है । (translated from Eng. Webster's New World Dictionary). But not: आजकल वैमानिक अभियान्त्रिकी के लिये देशभर में कई कॉलेज खुल गये हैं, जिनमें अग्रणी स्थान यूटोपिया स्थित लालू-यादव टेक्लिनक कॉलेज का है ।
  10. For names of countries, cities, places, languages, people, books, films, technical vocabulary, mythology, etc, start the article like this:
    • 1. The name in bold ('''अपोलो''')
    • 2. starting parenthesis, then English name in Roman script, in-page interwiki-linked to English wiki ff. by semicolon ((अंग्रेज़ी : [[:en:Apollo]];)
    • 3. The native name(s) if applicable in the italicized native script, preferably followed either by its italicized approximate Hindi pronunciation or non-italicized phonological transcription within / /, ff. by closed parenthesis (यूनानी : ''Aπollων अपोल्लोन''))
    • 4. the rest of the definition or introduction (प्राचीन [[यूनानी धर्म]] (ग्रीक धर्म) और प्राचीन [[रोमन धर्म]] के सर्वोच्च देवता थे ।) For country names, only the standard short form of the name is needed in the first line. If there is a common name for a difficult word in Hindustani, also mention it. Whence: अपोलो (अंग्रेज़ी : en:Apollo; यूनानी : Aπollων अपोल्लोन) प्राचीन यूनानी धर्म (ग्रीक धर्म) और प्राचीन रोमन धर्म के सर्वोच्च देवता थे । If you don't give the interwiki English/another language link (which would be deemed to be the default reference), then you MUST provide an appropriate reference.
  11. Please leave no article without an appropriate category. See the list of created categories here; you can also make a new category (pref. in Hindi). Please leave no article without at least ONE off page (like en:) interwiki link. E.g., the user can check the article name (say Apollo) on the finally redirected English page and append to the Hindi article ([[en:Appolo]])). These interlanguage links will help a bot to update all interwiki links for that article in all wikipedias. The category and the aforementioned link should be typed at the end of the article. If the article is very small, mention it as a stub/substub.
  12. Use of templates is welcome. See the list of templates here. If creating a template, name it pref. in Hindi.
  13. Use पूर्णविराम ( । ) instead of a period (.) for ending statements. The पूर्णविराम, semicolon, colon and dash (but not comma) must come after one space after the word to prevent ambiguity. Use the international form of the Hindu-Arabic numerals (1,2,3 instead of १,२,३), as used by the Constitution and the Government of India (even for Hindi). There is no need to use the हलन्त at the end of Sanskrit words wherever it occurs. Hence, prefer: संसद over संसद्; अथर्वन over अथर्वन्. Use the proper quotation marks “” from the Insert toolbox, not "". Write dates as 2 मई 2006 (ईसवी or ईसापूर्व). Write time as 3:45 pm. Separate common suffix-words like शास्त्र, विज्ञान, ज्ञान with a hyphen. Thus: रसायन-शास्त्र. For most others, leave both the words of the noun-cluster free. Combine them into one word only if it is very common to do so. Thus: सामवेद.
  14. The use of ज़ for the en:voiced alveolar fricative (/z/, as in zoo, rose) is fundamentally wrong. Its nearest counterpart is the en:voiceless alveolar fricative /s/ (as in sea), and not Hindi ज (en:voiced palatal plosive). Hence, it is suggested and recommended that for the sound /z/, whether it comes in English (etc.) spellings (z) for while pronunciation otherwise, should be transcribed as स़ (स with a dot below, available in the Insert toolbox). Hence: Reason रीस़न, not रीज़न ; Roses रोस़ेस़, not रोज़ेज़. But common Hindi words borrowed from Persian/Arabic (so-called Urdu words) are allowed to continue with ज़ spelling. Thus: ज़रा, नज़र, तर्ज़. The en:voiced postalveolar fricative (/ʒ/ as in treasure), inexistent in Hindi, can similarly be transcribed with श़. Thus: treasure ट्रॅश़र. The nukta (dot) available in the Insert toolbox can be combined with various consonants to suggest a more exact phonetic devanagari rendering of foreign sounds. E.g., since phonetically, English Think and this are not equal to थिंक and दिस, a better transcription could be थ़िंक and द़िस. Please take care of the dot below in so-called Urdu words, otherwise the Hindi spelling is deemed incorrect.
  15. For the following English vowels met, mate, mat, transcribe as मॅट (short vowel), मेट (not मेइट), मैट (not मॅट, as popular in Marathi). However in contemporary Hindi and here, it is acceptable to use ए instead of ऍ. Thus: अमेरिका is more popular than अमॅरिका. For cot, coat, caught, transcribe as कॉट, कोट, कॉट (not कौट). Transcribe English /t/ and /d/ as ट and ड.
  16. Use half-न before त, थ, द, ध, न, instead of anuswaar अं. Use half-म before प, फ, ब, भ, म. Use the anuswaar before all the rest of the consonants (not half-ङ, ञ, ण). If the मात्रा is not above the alphabet, use chandra-bindu, but only for nasalization. Thus: अन्दर, not अंदर ; अन्त, not अंत ; हिन्दी, not हिंदी ; सम्भव, not संभव ; पंचमी, not पञ्चमी ; अंडा, not अण्डा ; कंठ, not कण्ठ ; लैंड, not लैण्ड ; आँख, not आंख. However, both forms are acceptable in contemporary Hindi as well as here; the prec. are just recommendations.
  17. When proceded by another vowel, use the pure vowels instead of य (unless the य is clearly articulated while pronouncing). Thus : जाएँ, not जायें (not जावें) ; आएगा, not आयेगा . However, both forms are acceptable in contemporary Hindi as well as here.
  18. Please pay careful attention to the masculine/feminine gender (and singular/plural) in adjectives and verbs, else the sentence becomes ungrammatical.

For more information/suggestions/criticisms, please contact any one of the administrators of Hindi wiki here, preferably en:User:Magicalsaumy.

This page can also be found here.

Thank you,

Magicalsaumy (Cygnus — हंस) ००:१८, ६ जून २००६ (UTC)


नमस्कार टैक्समैन. आपके स्वागत के लिये विलम्बित धन्यवाद! Lost १६:०५, २२ अगस्त २००६ (UTC)


नमस्कार टैक्समैन. I can not type comfortably in Hindi, otherwise my contributions have been much more. I can clarify all your doubts relating to Hindi. I also suggest that instead of । as a full stop mark, we should use . as the full stop mark. This is the mark used in many modern Hindi works. --मात्रा ०८:५५, ४ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC) --मात्रा ०८:५५, ४ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)

श्रेणी:जल्द हटाने योग्य पन्नें

मै अंग्रेजी शीर्षक के लेखो को हटा दूगा।

आपसे हिंदी मे विकि-प्रोजेक्ट (विकि परियोजना) शुरू करने और उसका प्रचार करने के बारे मे सुझाव चाहिए। विषय तो बहुत है, रामायण, भारत, स्वतंत्रता के बाद का भारत, विज्ञान, गणित, कंपयूटर्स और इंटरनेट से हिंदी फिल्में। लोगो को विकिपरियोजना के बारे मे उत्साहित करना एक चुनौती होगी।

साथ हि मुख्य पृष्ठ, हाल की घटनाएँ पृष्ठो को सुधारना है। अंग्रेजी विकिपीडिया पे हिंदी की जानकारी रखने वालो के सुझाव और योगदान, हिंदी विकिपीडिया पे काफी काम के होगे।

--मितुल १७:२०, ११ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)
श्रेणी:जल्द हटाने योग्य पन्नें के लिए धन्यवाद. उस के अलावा, दस शब्द शब्दकोश मैं मिला था, लेकिन तब भी आपका संदेश नहीं समझ सकता हूँ. अभी सारे शब्द जानता हूँ, लेकिन संदेश मुश्किल है. और समझाइयेगा? - Taxman १६:३१, १२ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)
I am confuse with your message. What exactly do you want me to explain? I guess you meant that you did not understand my last message. Well! I wish to start wiki-projects in hindi wikipedia, similar to what is there at english wikipedia. Challenge is to recruit and keep the people motivated. Need your suggestions on that.
--मितुल २१:१४, १२ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)
Yes, I don't understand complicated sentences in Hindi, even when I look up each word, so thank you for explaining. Keep in mind that a lot of the things that happen in the English Wikipedia(like Wikiprojects) only happen because the English Wikipedia is already popular. It only got that way because the articles slowly grew in quality and enough people that read and write the language could contribute. What is most important for the Hindi Wikipedia is to get articles on basic topics, make it as easy to contribute as possible, and let as many Hindi speakers as possible know about it. The Bangla Wikipedia has had great success promoting participation among Bangla speakers. - Taxman ०२:२८, १३ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)
Understand your point. Making it easy to contribute and let many people know about it. Hindi wikipedia will have to work on it. Yes, I too got to know about recent Bangla wikipedia success story. I am postive that hindi wikipedia will also gets its due success soon. It is really great to have your support here. Hope to see you here continuously.
--मितुल १८:२६, १३ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)
Well it is working as new contributors are joining and articles are growing. As long as that is happening the Hindi Wikipedia will get better and better. Just keep getting the word out and working on articles. I'll do the best I can as I'm learning. Knowing some people that can print press releases in Hindi media in print and especially online would be a good thing if possible. The linux India group, especially the Delhi group may be a good place to ask for ideas about the best places to promote participation and the best way to make it easy to contribute, as they have similar goals of free content.
Also, on the English village pump someone answered your question about the editing buttons. They are at MediaWiki:Monobook.js and see [1] for the edit that removed them there. Hope that helps. - Taxman २२:३०, १४ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)

Yahoo group

मैने हिंदी विकिपीडिया के सक्रिय योगदानकर्ताओं के लिए याहू समुह बनाया है: yahoo group:hindi_wikipedia

कृपया इस समुह मे भाग लें। अपने विचार, सुझाव सभी सक्रिय योगदानकर्ताओं को एक साथ पहुचाने मे सभी को मदद मिलेगी।

--मितुल २२:१४, १२ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)

I think contacting existing groups would be better than starting a new one. Reach out to universities and other Hindi speaking internet communities. Perhaps encourage people to write Hindi in latin characters if they don't have Devanagari configured properly. It's not easy to do for most people. Then someone else can write it in Devanagari. - Taxman ०२:२८, १३ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)

I was not able to find existing group for hindi wikipedia. We are trying to reach for internet communities. See the following links:
Efforts will be taken to reach out to universites and more people. It will take some time though.
Google group, for the active contributors, will allow one more avenue to share the ideas. I have found that some people are more comfortable using groups. Till they get used to wikipedia, using group will help. Link for google group is: हिंदी विकिपीडिया गूगल ग्रुप
--मितुल १८:४१, १३ अक्टूबर २००६ (UTC)

Re: स्वागत

Haha! Thank you. :) I registered to edit a template. My Hindi is pathetic, so is much better of without my involvement. :)--Deepujoseph १४:०६, ९ दिसम्बर २००६ (UTC)


This is my suggestion for MediaWiki:sitenotice. Something very simple. What do you think of it? Please give your thoughts.

--Wolf १२:४७, १५ जनवरी २००७ (UTC)

I commented on that talk page for consistency. - Taxman १८:०३, १७ जनवरी २००७ (UTC)


is "AdhAr" a noun?राजा रामबात करो ०२:००, ९ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

जी हाँ, पुलिंग संज्ञा है. - Taxman ०१:०७, १० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
Does that mean the plural is "AdhAr" as well? That way I can change "jivanacharit-stab" to "jivanacharit-AdhAr"राजा रामबात करो ०४:३०, १० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
I think so. I don't have my other dictionary with me to check, but Platts doesn't really seem to say. - Taxman १२:३५, १० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Do you think we should take away "substub", as all other Wikipedias have done? We can redirect all of the substub things to आधार. --वुल्फ़वार्ता ०६:५४, १० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Yes, I think everyone agreed that was a good idea. In addition to that, I can start changing all the template uses over to {{आधार}}, but maybe I should apply for a bot flag first so recent changes doesn't get flooded. There are about 3,000 to do. - Taxman १२:३५, १० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Is there really much point? I have redirected Template:Stub, Template:Substub, Template:स्टब and Template:सबस्टब to Template:आधार. All of the pages now have the new आधार template now. --वुल्फ़वार्ता १४:०९, ११ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Nope, no major necessity. It would just be cleaner and it would be clearer which template to add to pages. I'll do it if I get a chance only. Thanks for taking care of those. - Taxman ०३:१९, १२ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)


I created a page to serve as a centralized discussion forum for new words that need to be made for hindi wiki विकिपीडिया:शब्द आविष्कार .राजा रामबात करो ०२:५२, १२ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Excellent. I've watchlisted it. I'll try to update the page with the link to the preferred place to make the changes. It's actually on meta I think, so all sister projects get the updates. - Taxman ०३:१९, १२ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)


THanks for the question at विकिपीडिया:बॉट/अनुमोदन हेतु अनुरोध. Dhanyawaad.--युकेश १६:३०, १२ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)


I don't understand ... shall I just unprotect and reprotect the front page? --वुल्फ़वार्ता १८:१८, १९ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

No, you wont actually unprotect it. You will have to click the tab that says unprotect, however once you open it, if you don't change the permission levels it will not unprotect it. Once you click that tab, the only thing you'll do is check the box for cascading protection. Here's what the result looked like on in the page history, and in the protection log. Make sure to leave the expiry as infinite or blank, since the default is infinite. - Taxman १९:३३, १९ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
Done, thank you for the idea! --वुल्फ़वार्ता १४:०२, २० फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

Abt urdu

I have replied your question in Wolf's page. Thank you.--युकेश १३:२६, २४ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)


Actually, as an administator (at least on the Hindi Wikipedia) you can not redirect categories. I found out that first you have to change all the pages in the category to the correct name, and then I can delete the category.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १८:०३, १ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

That's too funny. I could have sworn you could move/rename categories. Ok, I'll change them and list for speedy deletion. - Taxman २१:०७, १ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
I believe on en wiki they use bots to change cats to new ones.राजा रामबात करो २३:५५, १ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
As if in a fairy tale, your request has been fulfilled!--वुल्फ़वार्ता ०८:२९, २ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

template name change

Its probably time to get a hindi namespace for template. Lets discuss at Mitul's talk page (the de facto discussion ground).राजा रामबात करो २३:५९, १ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Well I'd say there's already consensus on that change. I've just been meaning to find out where we are really supposed to make the changes. I think it's in the mediawiki software so that all projects (wiktionary, etc) can benefit from the improvements. But just ask Mitul or Wolf to make that change for now. - Taxman १४:१४, २ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

शुभ होली

Happy Holi! शुभ होली!
Have a very happy Holi! --वुल्फ़वार्ता ०८:११, ३ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
Oh, thank you very much. I didn't reallize that I hadn't thanked you for your holiday wishes. - Taxman १४:५७, ७ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

I accept your acquisition

your acquisition is very right .. I did it when i was creating these pages .. I'll try to remove w these tags as soon as I Edit them... Amitprabhakar ०८:३५, ७ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Ok, no problem then. I'll work on them when I get a chance too. - Taxman १४:५७, ७ मार्च २००७ (UTC)


Thanks for your note. I took the image from the English Version of wikipedia and assuming it's in public domain, thus an image availble for hindi wikipedia also without copyright violation. Can we use images already used on other wikipedias?

If it is used on the other project with a proper license, then yes you can re-use it here no problem. But you also need to carry over the copyright and license information if you re-upload it to the Hindi Wikipedia. Every image page must have that information on it. It turns out this image is from commons, so you don't even need to re-upload it. You can just link to it using the image name from commons like this  . That way you don't need to worry about copying the licensing. You can almost always use anything from commons since everything there is required to be under a free license. I found that by linking to the commons page from the English Wikipedia image page. But if a file is not from commons or you want a devanagari file title, you can re-upload it as long as you copy the licensing information and it is a free license. - टैक्सवाला ००:१७, ८ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

हिन्दी लेखौं के बारे मै

हमारा विकिपीडिया अब जल्द हि १०,००० लेखौं का "थ्रेसहोल्ड" पार कर रहा है। यह द्वार पार करने के बाद हमारे समुदाय बहुत सारे लोगों की नजरौं मे आने लगेगा ( एट लीश्ट इन् विकिपीडिया कम्युनिटी ) । अतः, हमे हमारा रणनीति मै थोडा बदलाव करना पडेगा। अब हमारे सामने दुसरा बडा पडाव २०,००० लेख का है। लेकिन वहाँ पहुँचने से पहले हमे इस विकिपीडिया का गुणस्तर को बढाने मै ध्यान देना होगा क्योंकि अगर हमारे पास कोही अच्छा लेख ना हों तो २०,००० का आंकडा निरर्थक लगेगा। अतः मेरा यह आप से बिन्ती है कि अब आप किसी एक वा कुछ लेख मै ध्यान केन्द्रित करके उन लेखौं का गुणस्तर बढाएं। विशुद्ध रुप से लेखौं के संख्या बढाने के लिए, कुछ समय के लिए, बोट का प्रयोजन हि पर्याप्त हो सकता है ( मेरे पास अभी करीब ५००० लेखौं का निर्माण के क्षमता रखने वाला बोट है जो थोडे मर्मत के बाद प्रयोजन मै लाया जायगा)। अगर आप का विचार इस से भिन्न हों या आप के मस्तिष्क मै कोही दुसरा रणनीति हों तो कृपया चौपाल मै वा मेरे संवाद पृष्ठ मै व्यक्त कीजिए। धन्यवाद।--युकेश १५:५१, १४ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Re: Dev-Sitenotice.PNG

Thank you so much. I took away the सहायता and दान because they are on the परिभ्रमण/योगदान sidebar and they seemed to refuse to sit beside the Image (they went underneath). Thanks again.  --वुल्फ़वार्ता ०८:१०, २५ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

कोई बात नही. I was also looking into how to center it. Which doesn't happen to be easy. Also if it has a white background, it may look better if it has a border of some kind, even a thin black one. I'll see if I can't play around with it in Gimp. - टैक्सवाला १२:२१, २५ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
I am soon expecting to get Fireworks; hopefully I'll be able to make a better one there. This one is unbelievably made in the worst photo-editor ever: Paint!--वुल्फ़वार्ता १५:०१, २५ मार्च २००७ (UTC)
I just downloaded GIMP and learnt how to do transparency. Got the new version uploaded! आपका मदद के लिए शुक्रिया! --वुल्फ़वार्ता १५:१४, २५ मार्च २००७ (UTC)

अंक विवाद

यदि आपका समय है कि कृपया विकिपीडिया:चौपाल#Important to the Community पर आपका मत दीजिए। धन्यवाद। PS: Do you know when करें, दें, जाएँ, आएँ, खोजें etc. are used and when कीजिए, दीजिए, जाइए, आइए, खोजिए etc. are used? Thanks.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १५:५२, ८ मई २००७ (UTC)

वहीं मेरा विचार डालूँगा. My undertanding from the grammar and usage reading I have done is that the subjunctive (खोजें etc) can be used as a polite imperative (suggestion to do something) as well as the typical use of the subjunctive for things like I would do, or may do something. It's actually kind of equivalent to how "would you mind..." might be used in English. The खोजिए etc form is the आप level imperative and is the most polite when addressing someone that you would address as आप. But it seems the subjunctive form is the one used when it is for more of a generic imperative, such as in signs requesting an unknown group of people to do something. That fits with the usage people have requested here that all the Wikipedia requests of users are in subjunctive form. You may want to check out this grammar book I found by searching google books for Hindi material. It's very old, so some of it is out of date, but is a rather advanced treatement of Hindi grammar and it's free. The other source for free texts is which after searching for Hindi there is a English-Hindi dictionary that seems to be focused on official terms. Thought those may help you too. Lessons 6 and 9 here may help as well. - टैक्सवाला १७:३९, ८ मई २००७ (UTC)
Thank you for the links and the information. So basically the simple एँ suffix can be used as a polite command, and the इए suffix is more like please. One more thing; do you think that महादेवी वर्मा is ready to become featured? फिर एक बार धन्यवाद।--वुल्फ़वार्ता १५:४०, २२ मई २००७ (UTC)
Yeah, that seems about right. For महादेवी वर्मा I left a response on my talk page since you asked there. It's all set except the images. They don't really count as free. The one fair use image is fine and the article doesn't need more than one image to be featured. - टैक्सवाला १५:४४, २२ मई २००७ (UTC)
Thanks for your tips, and sorry I forgot to check on your English user page. Just one more thing: if you have time, can you please check out the last two चौपाल topics? Thanks a lot for your महादेवी advice. I will contact पूर्णिमा वर्मन about the issue.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १५:४९, २२ मई २००७ (UTC)
I'm not a huge fan of portals since they take so much work to maintain and in my opinion just add overhead, but hopefully they'll help despite my opinion! But I'll do my best to go through the dictionaries I have and offer options for translating the system messages. We could/should coordinate with other Wikimedia projects such as Wiktionary and other free software translation efforts such as Linux, Gnome, Ubuntu, etc because many of the terms we are trying to translate overlap. I'll see if I can't pull up the links to the Indian linux translation projects, Ubuntu has a specific one and I think some have Hindi specific projects too. - टैक्सवाला १६:०५, २२ मई २००७ (UTC)

Back To Jerusalem movement


Sorry to bother you, but could you please help write a stub - just a few sentences based on Only 2-5 sentences would be sufficient enough. Please. --Jose77 ०३:४१, १९ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)

My concern is the same one discussed on the english talk page that there doesn't seem to be enough evidence that the movement exists or is important enough to cover from third party, high quality references. - टैक्सवाला ०३:५५, १९ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)

Wikimedia Commons

Please finish translation of commons:मुख्य पृष्ठ if you can. Only four templates for Media of the Day left. There are phrases and pages where translations should be:

~ putnik ०६:३५, २३ अगस्त २००७ (UTC)


विकीपीडिया के सबसे नये समपादक को मेरी ओर से बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाऎं . Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington १७:४७, २७ सितंबर २००७ (UTC)

बहुत धन्यवाद भाई । मगर ये नए बटन्स से किस किस करूँ? :) - टैक्सवाला १५:३६, २९ सितंबर २००७ (UTC)


Sir, I’ll do that accordingly.--राजीवमास ०४:३६, २० नवम्बर २००७ (UTC)


टेक्स्वाला जी, विकिपीडिया:प्रबन्धक‎ में आदर्णिय प्रबन्धक पूर्णिमा जी का नाम दो बार आ रहा है (१४ पर और १८ पर्) निवेदन है कि यदि सही माने तो उसे एक कर दें | यह प्रस्तुतिकरण के लिए ठीक होगा |धन्यवाद् जी --राजीवमास ०४:५४, २२ नवम्बर २००७ (UTC)

बिलकुल सही है।मेरी गलती थी।अब ठीक है धन्यवाद - टैक्सवाला १४:५३, २६ नवम्बर २००७ (UTC)

अयोध्या प्रसाद खत्री

अयोध्या प्रसाद खत्री पर ध्यान आकर्षित करने के लिए धन्यवाद। इसको ठीक कर दिया गया है। --पूर्णिमा वर्मन १२:३२, ४ दिसम्बर २००७ (UTC)

अरे वा! बहुत अच्छा। धन्यवाद्। - टैक्सवाला १८:३४, ४ दिसम्बर २००७ (UTC)


पृष्ठ विकिपीडिया:बॉट/अनुमोदन हेतु अनुरोध पर ध्यान दिलाने के लिए धन्यवाद| मैने उपयुक्त बदलाव कर दिए है| आपकी टिप्पणी का स्वागत रहेगा| --मितुल ०५:२८, ५ दिसम्बर २००७ (UTC)

चौपाल का तथ्य

कृपया उपरका लीन्क देखें । लीन्कमीं लीखा गया है हटाया गये पृष्ठमें कुछ तथ्य थे । नीचे चेतावनी दी गयी है जीसमें लीख गया है कीसने तथयको हटाया है । ओर हटाये गये को पुननीर्मीत नहीं हो सकता।

चेतावनी: आप एक पहले से मिटाये गये पृष्ठ को पुनर्निर्मित कर रहे हैं।
आप को विचार करना चाहिये क्या इस पृष्ठ का संपादन चालू रखना उचित होगा। इस पृष्ट को मिटाने का अभिलेख/प्रचालेख सुविधा के लिये उपलब्ध कराया गया है:
०१:४६, २९ मार्च २००८ Taxman (वार्ता | योगदान) "चौपाल" को हटाया गया है। ‎ (innapropriate content in article mainspace)

प्रबंधक राजीव मास, उनका डमी अकाउन्ट रवी जैन तथा प्रबंधक पुर्णीमा वर्मन

यह पत्र प्रथम जहां टाईप हुआ है वह लीन्क नीचे दी गयी है ।

हीन्दी वीकीपीडीया के प्रबंधक राजीव मास ने अंग्रेजी, हीन्दी, मराठी ओर गुजराती वीकीपीडीया के उपर रवी जैन नामका डमी अकाउन्ट बनाकर बहोत बडा कुकर्म कीया है । प्रबंधक राजीव मास के इस कुकर्म में अन्य प्रबंधक पुर्णीमा वर्मन ने टेका दीया है ।

प्रबंधक राजीव मासका पुरा भंडा खुल गया है ।

चौपाल में पुरा भंडा तथा तथ्य दीया गया है ।

राजीव मास और पुर्णीमा वर्मन के सामने कार्यवाही की जाय ।

इस कुकर्म की जानकारी सभी भाषाओंके प्रबंधको, ट्रस्टीओं तथा ईजीपतमें इकठ्ठे होने वालेको पेपर बनाकर दी जाय ।

जीसके लीये एक छोटीसी समीती बनायी जाय ।

यह पत्र हीन्दी वीकीपीडीया चौपाल , राजीव मास, पुर्णीमा वर्मन, डमी अकाउन्ट रवी जैन, अंग्रेजी, हीन्दी, मराठी, गुजराती वीकीपीडीया के प्रबंधको तथा अन्य जाने माने लोगों को भेजा गया है ।

तथ्यके लीये नीचे लींक दी गयी है । जीसमें 124.124 राजीव मास का आईपी है । बायें हाथ बाजु पीछले अंतर में स्पष्ट दीखाई देता है । डायें हाथ पर अगले अंतर को बराबर देखें । उपर नाम रवी जैन का है । राजीव मास समय बदल रहा है । आईपी भी बदल रहा है ।

तथ्यके लीये नीचे की लीन्क कलीक करें ।

उपर चौपाल के लिये लीखा गया है।
जानकारी के लीये आज इस पृष्ठ का वापस नीर्माण कीया गया है । Wiki102 ०२:२०, २९ मार्च २००८ (UTC)
अच्छा भाई लेकिन चौपाल पर नहीं होना चहिये ।मैने सब को नहीं पढ़ा था केवल जानता था कि चौपाल ठीक नही था और कि उस जानकारी ज्ञानकोष के लीये ठीक नही था।अब तक पता नहीं अगर यह जानकारी जरूरी है । अगर है तो एक नई जगह ज़रूरी है। विकिपीडिया:चौपाल/पुरालेख 5/और सम्भवता है। चौपाल वापस ले आ सकते है और नम बदल सकते है। मगर वस्तु जो ज्ञानकोष के लिये नहीं है जितना महत्वपूर्ण नहीं है - टैक्सवाला १५:५७, २९ मार्च २००८ (UTC)


Hi! I haven't been on the Hindi Wikipedia for a while, but I've noticed that some kind of chaos (If I may call it so) is going on. I would be grateful if you could let me know what exactly is going on. Thank you.--वुल्फ़वार्ता १८:३८, ३१ मार्च २००८ (UTC)

सुझाव के उत्तर में

टैक्सवालाजी , आपकी टिप्पणियों व सुझावों के लिए धन्यवाद,
  • आपके वे सुझाव जिन्हे लागू किया जाएगा :थोड़े दिनों मे मैं "z"="ज़्" कर दूंगा।
  • वे सुझाव जिन्हे नही लागू किया जा सकता :ch:छ ,कारण:ch = च् लगाया जाएगा , छ को किसी और तरीके से छोटा किया जाएगा--सुमित सिन्हावार्ता १४:२२, ५ जून २००८ (UTC)


नमस्कार जी.

समर्थन देंने के लिए एवं पृष्ठ को बेहतर बनाने के लिए आपका बहुत धन्यवाद.
--Munita Prasad १५:४५, १३ अक्टूबर २००८ (UTC)
कोई बात नहीं । ज़रा अच्छे योगदान कर रखिये - टैक्सवाला १८:४४, १३ अक्टूबर २००८ (UTC)

डमी खाता खोलकर सदस्यों को तंग करना

प्रबन्धक रवीमासने डॉ॰ रवी जैन नामका डमी खाता खोलकर सदस्योको तंग कीया ओर प्रबन्धक के टुल्सका गैर उपयोग भी कीया है। प्रबन्धक रवी मासके ईत गतीवीधी तथा प्रवृतीमें प्रबन्धक पुर्णीमा वर्मन तथा ओर कई प्रबन्धक ने पुर्ण सहयोग दीया है। --Vasantmore ०७:११, ६ जनवरी २००९ (UTC)


  द रिक बर्बरता विरोधी बार्नस्टार
सन २००८ में हिन्दी विकिपीडिया पर बर्बरता को सफलता पूर्वक नियंत्रित करने के लिए हम सभी सदस्य और प्रबंधक आपकी प्रशंसा

में यह स्टार प्रदान करते हैं। आशा है यह सहयोग हमें भविष्य में भी मिलता रहेगा।--पूर्णिमा वर्मन १३:३९, २३ जनवरी २००९ (UTC)


नमस्कार, हिन्दी विकि पर सम्पूर्ण समुदाय के निर्विरोध समर्थन से विकिनीतियाँ बनायी गयी है जिसमें प्रबंधक को हटाने की नीतियाँ भी बनायी गयी है। अत्: कृपया हमे बताये कि क्या आप अभी सक्रिय होकर प्रबंधन का कार्य करने के इच्छुक है- Mayur(TalkEmail)  १३:३१, १६ अक्तूबर २०१० (UTC)

मेरा परिचय

मैंने अभी ही देखा है कि आपने मेरे पिछले परिचय को हटाया है। उसकी वजह "‎सदस्योंको तंग करना" बताया गया है! :-)

क्या यह परिचय चलेगा?

नमस्ते! मेरा नाम गिरिधर राव है. मैं हैदराबाद में रहता हूँ। मैं ज़्यादातर एस्पेरान्तो विकिपीडिया में काम करता हूँ. पर मैंने हिंदी विकिपीडिया में भी थोड़ा काम किया है.

अगर हाँ तो में इसे अपने परिचय में डाल दूँगा. में बार-बार सदस्योंको तंग नहीं करना चाहता! Giridhar (वार्ता) 18:53, 2 अक्टूबर 2011 (UTC)